1. Can my dog have the freedom of our cottage or do I need to bring a cage?

    Your dog is welcome to roam within the cottage. We ask that you provide a blanket for him/ her to sleep on to minimise pet hairs.

  2. Can my dog go off the lead?

    There are some great walks here for your dog with wide open areas and trails. We ask that you keep your dog under control at all times. You may let him/her off the lead but he/ she will need to be supervised at all times. Your dog needs to be kept out of our farm animals enclosures at all times. Some smaller dogs may be able to climb through the fence. We also ask that you pick up any excrement and despose of in a bin.

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Cottage needs

  1. Do I have to bring bedding or towels?

    The beds are provided with sheets, pillows with pillowcase and comforter. There are some blankets and towels.

  2. Is there a Barbeque?

    Yes there is a Barbeque outside each cottage and we will provide propane.

  3. Has the cottage wheel chair access?

    Cottage # 1 has wheel chair access.

  4. Is there internet ?

    Both cottages have free wireless internet access.

  5. Is there a television in the cottage?

    No there is no television. We reccommend you bring a laptop and DVD's.

  6. Can I drink the water?

    Yes our water is safe to drink . The water comes from our drilled well which is regulated in accordance with the Small Drinking Water Systems made under the Health Protection and Promotion Act. We would encourage our guests to drink from the tap rather than use bottled water in an attempt to reduce landfill sites.

  7. Is the cottage heated when the weather is cooler?

    Yes our cottage is really warm and snug in the cooler weather with both oil furnace and a wood stove to keep you toasty and lots of bedding for that cozy feeling when out side is cold.

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horse riding

  1. will my children or I be able to ride a horse?

    We like the horses to be part of you and your childrens experience of visiting the farm. We try and accommodate some form of riding if you are interested. We are unable to allow people to ride unassisted but will lead the horse. No experience is nessessary.

    You will be welcome to watch while the horses are being played with using the Parelli Natural Horsemanship method. 

    About Parelli

    Pat Parelli, coiner of the term “natural horsemanship”, founded his program based on a foundation of love, language and leadership. Parelli Natural Horsemanship allows horse owners at all levels of experience to achieve success with their at-home educational program. Together with his wife Linda, Pat has spread PNH across the globe with campuses in the United States, United Kingdom and Australia.

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