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Posted on May 28, 2016 at 3:20 PM

We had trail riders stay for the first week in May and I guided them out on the trails. It was lovely to be out again in the wilderness and breathing in the aroma of the forest as it awakened from its long winter sleep.

Some Children have already been enjoying the pony rides around the farm. The warmer weather came just in time for the Victoria long weekend and for the Trilliums to bloom giving us the perfect show in the woods.

Last week we planted out our veggie garden ready for our visitors to enjoy in July through to Sept. Every morning and evening the garden needs watering due to help the seeds to germinate. This is the driest I have ever experienced at this time of year. Hopefully we will get some rain soon. Our sheep, cows and horses have very little grass and we need the rain to get it growing. Also we need the rain to help the hay fields grow tall or there will be a shortage of winter feed.

The Lilacs are out in full bloom and unusually I have not seen any Humming Birds feeding from them. The spring was slow to warm up so some could have Sercombe to an early death from the cold and lack of food.

Brownie the cow is due to have her calf this weekend. Hopefully all will be well as we welcome new life on the farm. I am looking forward to being able to milk again soon and start making cheese again.

We knocked down the play structure ready to build a new one. I will tell you how that goes and what we plan to build next time I write.

Finally the new barn structure is up and running after the fire in October destroyed it and the adjoining structures. We were very lucky to be able to still put posts in the ground on Christmas Eve which is un -heard of in this part of Canada. It was the mildest winter on record and enabled us to keep building through the winter.


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