About Us.

Your hosts Bodo and Sue, hope to  provide you with unique accommodation in what we think is a very special place in the Ottawa valley, Ontario.

 Foymount farm is set off the road by it's own track in the midst of peace and quiet surrounded by tree covered hills. It is 140 acres of mainly wood-lot with a few farm animals, horses, fruit trees and home grown vegetables.

We hope that you will use us for your get together's whether it be family reunions, workshops, retreats or a 'get away from it all' experience in company, or solitude. We hope that you may experience a sense of calm and well being during your stay here and enjoy the walks and natural beauty that surrounds you.

At certain times of the year there may be fresh, organic, home  grown vegetables and free range eggs from the farm for your use.

We are open to any special requirements and hope to serve your needs.

Farm Activities:

Pony rides for the Children;

We have a couple of horses that we use for lessons. Children only.  Please let me know if you would like your child(ren) to experience this when you make your .

Natural Horsemanship;

A demo can be arranged if you would like to learn more.

Helping to look after the farm animals;

Every morning and evening there is something to do on the farm. From collecting eggs to bringing the sheep and donkey into the barnyard at night. Let us know If you would like to help.

Equine Retreats:

Get away from it all for adults. Reconnect with nature and let the horses lead you into ease and joy. More details on our Equine Retreat page.

Summer Horse Camp for Kids and Teens:

Our small overnight camp takes 9 Children only. A great first camp away from home. See our Summer Horse Camp page for more details.

A visitor from the forest.

One hot day in May this Moose came for a visit.

The horses were very interested in the new addition. She stayed all day before going on her way.

Natural Horsemanship

Sue is currently studying Parelli Natural Horsemanship level 4 

Parelli Natural Horsemanship:

  All our horses have been trained using this method of communication and understanding through body language which is natural to the horse.   

  A demo of Natural Horsemanship is possible if you are interested in learning more.